So I graduated from the University of Bath in 2007 with an MEng (hons) in Civil and Architectural Engineering. After a long holiday doing very little around Eastern Europe and Ireland I began working for Curtins Consulting. Having worked for them throughout my degree I was experience enough for them to throw me in the deep end with lots of structural surveys of flood damaged properties in Gloucestershire. Thankfully I didn't sink but managed to swim through the flood of work (pun totally intended but I am sympathetic to the owners plight). I began working on larger structural engineering projects throughout the UK and thought I would share some of my experiences and opinions with other interested parties out there!

In 2007 I caught the engineering bug and began volunteering for committees, organising events and meeting lots of new people. I am hoping to use this blog to report on some of my activities with the Institution of Structural Engineers and maybe persuade some of my friends to write some guest posts!

Now for the disclaimer....
Everything that I post on this blog is based on my own opinion or understanding, these may not always be correct or shared by other parties that I am involved or associated with. In fact some of my opinions may not even be share by you guys reading this, so please do tell me if I have things wrong! I will also try to credit images and content where possible but the internet is a web of mystery so if something isn't credited correctly please do email me and I shall endeavour to make the correct changes.

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